Zoom Meetings vs Zoom Webinars

How do I get started with Zoom?


What is the difference between a Zoom meeting vs a Zoom webinar

  • A standard Zoom meeting is fully interactive and allows all participants the ability to see, speak, hear, and screen-share with each other.
  • A webinar has registration, reporting and in-meeting chat for attendees. 

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  • Capacity
    • Zoom Meeting can have 300 attendees
    • Zoom Webinar can have 500 attendees

What is the difference between Schedule a Meeting, Join a Meeting, Host a Meeting?  

  •  Schedule a Meeting   will allow you to schedule a set date, time and meeting ID for your meeting.  
  •  Join a Meeting   will allow you to join a Zoom meeting to which you have an invite or meeting ID.   
  •  Host a Meeting   allows you to start a meeting on the fly with or without video or screen share only.  
    • Host a Meeting utilizes your Zoom account’s personal meeting ID.  The personal meeting ID can be edited under the Profile section in your account.   
    • Host a Meeting is best utilized for meetings that are not planned in advance.  

See steps to host a meeting. (use Minnstate.zoom.us)