Zoom Conferencing

Zoom is a web based collaboration tool that combines video conferencing, audio calls, and messaging in a single tool. Zoom allows for audio, video, and sharing for up to 300 attendees in a meeting, or 500 in a webinar. Zoom supports multiple devices including Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

All current faculty, staff, and students have access to a premium Zoom account via MinnState. Please use the MinnState login portal at minnstate.zoom.us or click the button below to login to Zoom.

Joining or starting a Zoom meeting.

Managing Zoom meetings.

Setting virtual backgrounds.

Zoombombing” and securing your meeting.

  • “Zoombombing” is a term used to describe when participants, typically uninvited, join a Zoom meeting with the intention of deliberately disrupting a meeting.
  • How can I secure my meetings?

Zoom resources and support.

How can I get help to use Zoom in my classroom or meeting?