Telework FAQ

First and foremost, the questions and answers below will change as OIT has been diligently working on getting teleworking/distance learning working for all and as product becomes available or supplies become limited.

What has been identified is what we know today, we are seeing and testing newer processes out that could minimize the need for certain apps or technology. We will update the FAQ as we learn more.

What do I need to successfully work from home?

  • Minimally need a reliable, high-speed internet connection.
    • With an increasing number of people working from home, home internet bandwidth will be stretched.   At times, internet connectivity may become unreliable.  
  • We recommend a headset with microphone, and phone access as a backup in case you experience technical difficulties.

What technology will be available?

  • OIT is preparing laptops, wi-fi capable desktops, WinBooks, and Chromebooks for faculty, staff, and students.

Will technology be made available for students?

  • We looking to see how we can distribute Chromebooks (Internet applications only, such as O365, D2L, etc.) and WinBooks for students; we are just starting to develop the process and procedures.

Will there be enough technology for me?

  • We are pulling Wi-Fi capable devices from classrooms, but they will need to be reconfigured for home use.
  • We are reaching out to all our vendors to get product on order as quickly as possible; some equipment may be delivered as early as middle of next week; however, we will need some time for configuration and setup.
  • Current available devices, prior to this week, between all three campuses is estimated 380 Chromebooks and 443 Windows computers; we are working on getting these pulled and ready for deployment.

Not everything was working when I picked up my equipment (VPN, Jabber, etc.)

  • We are working getting the backend configured as quickly as possible. There was mismatch on scheduling the equipment pick up and backend setup timing.
  • We can get the equipment out without all the backend items fully completed; we can connect to the machine remotely, if need to address most configuration or setup items.

Can I take my desktop equipment home now?

  • You need to work with OIT before you take any equipment home
  • Depends…,
    • If your desktop can support WiFi; Yes (we’ll need to install the telework application suite)
    • If you have a laptop with a docking station; Yes (monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers)
    • If your home network can support a wire connection; Yes (monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers)
  • We are working on procuring USB Wi-Fi adapters to allow some desktops to go home to connect to your home wireless network.  This is a very limited supply.

What determines what technology I need?

  • If you need access to D2L, Kaltura Media Space, Zoom, O365 (email and office tools), and intranet your personal device will suffice.
  • If you need access to CISCO Jabber/Finesse, ISRS, Marketplace, CAPS server, DARS you will need a college owned device with CISCO VPN and CISCO Jabber applications.

When will technology be available?

  • We have some mobile devices available now, we are working on the list to contact folks to schedule time to pick up equipment.

Can I bring my monitor home with my assigned laptop?

  • You need to work with OIT before you take any equipment home
  • Depends on the adapter needed between the assigned laptop and monitor; if we have them available, yes if not no.
  • When will adapters be available? We are attempting to order more to be delivered early the week of 3/23
  • Request for second monitors; limited (depends on what equipment is going home)
  • Our current monitors may not support all connector types

Who do I talk to about acquiring the right technology and do I or my supervisor have to complete a form?

  • Email for any teleworking needs.
  • No form is required for requesting equipment; however, when an equipment is being checked out, we are filling out a loaner request document and requesting your signature.

Where can I get a headset and/or webcam?

  • Webcams and headsets w/microphones are on order, but supplies are limited
    • If staff/faculty have a USB headset and/or webcam assigned to them, please take them home for telework. **Most laptops have a built-in webcam and microphone(if phone usage is high you will need a headset w/microphones).
    • If staff/faculty have personal headsets and/or webcams (or willing to purchase on their own), we ask that they please use them for telework – we recommend USB devices
    • If neither of these are options, requests can go to to be added to the request list. Priority is yet to be determined, due to limited availability

Where is the delay in getting proper technology?

  • We are working with all our vendors to see what products are available (laptops, Chromebooks, headsets, webcams, mouse, keyboard, etc.); once we get a PO ready or executed product is gone.
  • Can you get product from local stores (Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, OfficeMax); their supplies are limited as well. We are reaching out to other vendors as well.

Does my supervisor need to add me to the list for technology requests?

  • No, email; she is coordinating with the technical team for equipment availability and scheduling
  • I thought I was on the list what happened? We’re working through updating the list based on the requests coming in. Due to the volume, there has been a delay. We are working fixing this as quickly as possible.

Home Internet Connectivity

  • Please be mindful that video streaming and gaming will affect overall internet performance
  • Currently, internet providers’ resources are being stretched across the board
  • Not all providers are equal or available in all areas.
  • CISCO Jabber may be affected (we recommend your computer is connected wired)

Laptop Applications

  • Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) for college owned computers.  Every ARCC/ATC employee who has or will be assigned a take home device will be given VPN access. THERE IS NOTHING you need to do as a supervisor to request it.
  • CISCO Jabber (Softphone) for taking ARCC/ATC calls remotely. This software has been installed on loaner devices; we are working on installing this software on existing devices. 
  • CISCO Finesse Agent (to answer main numbers like 1100, 1600, 1510, etc.) is currently being tested from off-site.  This is our first try to do something like this remotely. We are working on getting the process and tools figured out.

How do I get training with these teleworking applications?

  • Sonya Zuker, along with Rita Resendiz-Abfalter and Amela Sekizovic, will be coordinating online training, opportunities for telework resources. Please see the email from Sonya on 3/18.

Again, thank you for your team’s patience and understanding as we venture into a new world. Let us know if something is broken and we will address it as quickly as possible.