Will I get a new email address?

You will continue to use your existing email address; however, you will also be assigned a new email address based on the MinnState email rules. Both addresses will route to the same mailbox.


You will keep your current email address:

  • firstletterlastname#@my.anokaramsey.edu

Your new email address will be:

  • firstname.lastname.#@my.anokaramsey.edu


You will keep your current email address:

  • firstname.lastname#@anokaramsey.edu

You will receive a new address if there are changes to your current address. Note the .# (if there are multiples of your name):

  • firstname.lastname.#@anokaramsey.edu

Your default email address will be your current email address. You do NOT have to change business cards or other signature pages to reflect the new email address.

You will keep the same email address for the entirety of your employment with the college(s).