What if I need to access files from my OneDrive in the cloud?

Files/documents located in OneDrive will be migrated to the new tenant on Friday, June 7, 2019 beginning at 6:00 PM.  Any files created after June 7, 2019 may not be available in the new tenant.  Please make sure you have a copy of all recently created and edited files on your local hard drive or USB/Thumb drive so the changes can be copied to OneDrive once the migration window is over. 

If you store files in your OneDrive in the cloud, you will be able to access those files until the start of the migration at 6:00 PM on Friday, June 14. However, we will begin copying individual OneDrives over to the new system before that time and any changes that you make to your current files will not be replicated to your new OneDrive once that copy process starts. If you want to edit a file during this time, download it to your laptop or desktop, network share (H:, N:, S:, etc.,) or USB drive and edit that copy. Then upload it to your new OneDrive by June 17th.